Someone still Can Care

         It’s very hard to swallow, that’s part of a prisoners Hell,

 That all the days you once had ,are just memories inside your cell,

      All thats good from Family and friends and all you used to Share,

     Now it’s comforting to know ,that someone still can Care,

      I ask God to forgive me,for all that I have done wrong,

      Yet the healing process takes time,it seems like so Long,

      Taking all the Strength I have,is almost to much to bear,

      Now it’s Comforting to know,that someone still can Care,

      Life has many ups and downs,yet we often make a wrong turn,

        As it also is a teacher, it’s lessons we then should learn,

         Mistakes can leave few chances,or much left to spare,

        Now it’s Comforting to know that still someone can care,

        Laying down to sleep at night , I think of Jesus and I pray,

          Please Lord protect me,and could I just Live another day

          Give me a chance to go to Heaven,I want to some day go there,

           Now it’s comforting to know ,that God is with me every where,

                                       By Susan Smith ___Thursday,May 28 2009



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