Evening Breeze

Silent and still except for me,

as the inner turmoil rages,

Hear childish laughter on the wind,

send Heart aches through the ages,

Behold the sprawling familiar vista,

when closed eye’s is seen again,

The last time when seen just so ,

I can’t remember when,

Once prolific in their youth

the gnarl,barren branches,

unlike the renewing harvest fields,

The apple trees lost all their chances.

Like my grandmother passed away,

her hands arthritic and worn,

her gentle Love,her laugh her pain,

between joy and sorrow I’m torn,

I shook my mental fist

raised impotent against the sky,

Split the desire to achieve and change,

from wishful innocence asking why,

Surprising with it’s sudden halt,

then floating ceaseless and free.

whirling and swirling your breath away,

standing still and silent for nobody.

2008 By——Susan Smith


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