Cleaning Tool’s and Rules

  Inside this small room is only a few important thing’s a dust  pan,mop, and an Ole sweeping broom.    These are made as cleaning tool’s, as    everything in life has Direction’s and Rule’s , These are made for sweeping away dust,dirt,and other Debris as everything in God’s world must be cleaned.     This window in front of me ,their’s a whole new world out side to see,  Once ,I was young and Vibrant ,I  could run jump and go any where ,Like a pirate ,over this big ball we call our world.doing jumping jack’s and hurl’s.  Now I take myself out of this small room, Too place’s on the other side of this world ,with a pen,paper in one  hand ,I’ve put away the broom and dust pan.   I can be on an air plane flying, too Istanbul Turkey, meeting a Handsome man of my Dream’s,  I can take a walk for mile’s it seem’s , I  could skate on the Board walk in California Bay, But I’m just sitting here Dreaming today.   I can meet all kind’s of Folks from here to their, Speak of Language’s I’d never dare,  I can hop a ship over the Ocean to ten buck two, But  I can’t turn these page’s of time back even for you.  I’ve had broken Heart’s and Broken Dish’s, but I’d never trade my life for a thousand wish’s,   God has granted us all just one,  From the Mother’s womb the day we were Born,  I have used mine with the Hand of father Time , Time is near for some more so . From this world we all must go ,  Forgiveness  is a Cleaning Tool, this was God’s greatest Rule. 

    Written By —Susan Smith             07/19/2015


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